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Books. Step by step how to paint sunset books, by Gina De Gorna

Full Colored Instructional Books, by Gina De Gorna: How to Paint Sunsets, STEP BY STEP:



How to Paint Tropical Sunsets, Step by Step, by Gina De Gorna, CONTENTS:

In the book, you'll find anything you need to create your own paintings:

CHAPTER 1, Materials and Tools necessary for painting a sunset in
Oils and Acrylics - more information
Additional Materials
CHAPTER 2, General Tips on painting tropical sunset paintings
Drama and Mood in Sunset Paintings
CHAPTER 3, Composition and Balance in sunset paintings
Focal Point of sunset paintings
Proportion of sunset paintings
Depth and Perspective
CHAPTER 4, How to Paint Sunsets Paintings
How to Paint the Horizon
How to Paint the Background
How to Paint the SUN
How to Paint Sun RaysHow to Paint Reflections and Shadows
How to Paint Sky
How to Paint Clouds
How to Paint Sea Water
How to Paint Rocks
How to Paint Boats
How to Paint Human Figures, Animals and Birds in Sunset Paintings
How to Paint Palm Trees in Sunset Paintings
Chapter 5, Tropical Sunset Step by Step: SUNSET IN PARADISE
Step ONE, Step TWO, Step THREE, Step FOUR, Step FIVE:
Tropical Painting Step by Step: ANOTHER SUNSET IN PARADISE
Step ONE, Step TWO, Step THREE, Step FOUR


How to Paint Abstract Sunsets, Step by Step, by Gina De Gorna

This full colored book has similar contents as the How to Paint Tropical Sunsets as shown above. 
The book shows samples of abstract sunset paintings and gives step by step instructions of how to paint them in oils or acrylics.

See the Sunset

This full colored book contains a story about the sunset and illustrations of Gina De Gorna's sunset paintings.

NOTE: All books are suitable for all ages. No previous painting experience is required. 
Both How to Paint Sunsets books have been used by art teachers and are very good for Art Therapy, self improvement and recreational purposes.

More Samples for Tropical and Abstract Sunset Paintings:


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